Exploring the Beauty of Tanguar Haor: A Houseboat Adventure in Sunamganj


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Tanguar haor

If you are a traveler in Bangladesh and planning to spend a good time with your friends and families or even alone, visiting the Tanguar Haor in Sunamganj Sylhet will be the best choice. Tanguar Hoar is a unique wetland ecosystem in Dharmapasha and Taherpur upazila of Sunamganj district. Nowadays, visiting the Tanguar Haor in Premium luxury House Boats is trendy in Bangladesh. Imagine You are underway on a boat with your loved one and the wetland’s water is just a hand-touching distance through your window of the room. Again, while relaxing on the boat’s roof and enjoying the magical view of the wetland sides, suddenly, a bundle of clouds made you wet. Yes, all these heavenly moments can happen only if you go to the Tanguar Harbor on a houseboat.

I recently visited the Tanguar Haour with my wife in a houseboat. Today, in this article, I will explain all the ways, sights, tips and other aspects of making a trip to the Tanguar haor in a luxury houseboat. Let’s dive deep into the full article.


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How to Hire a Houseboat

you can hire a housebot for Tanguar haor directly on Facebook from the individual boat pages. You can also hire boats through different travel agencies. Some boats are also available in Go Gayan. I am mentioning a few agency names along with the contact number. I am also mentioning the link and number of some luxury boats. While hiring a boat, you must book the boat at least two days before the trip. Booking a boat as early as possible is better to get a reduced price. Remember to discuss your room facilities, food menus, events, places and prices clearly. You may have to pay a minimum of 1000 Bdt or more to confirm your reservation. Do take a photo of your booking receipt from the agency or boat. You can reserve the whole boat if you plan the trip with your family. You can also book a couple’s room for a romantic boat tour with your wife or girlfriend. Apart from this, you can also take the lobbies of the boat at a low price if you are a student and want to make the tour at a low budget.


Tanguar Haor Houseboat List

Boat Name Contanct number
Sindabad Tori
Joler Gaan
Jol Bihongo
Silver wave

Available Houseboats

As the demand rises, the number of houseboats also increases in Tanguar Hoar to entertain travelers. House Boats are found in various interesting aesthetic names that will amaze you. The luxury boats have attached and non-attached washrooms, depending on the price. Rooms and the interiors of all the boats are designed competitively to impress their travelers. Maximum luxury boats can carry a maximum of 20 travelers at a go. Along with the travelers, there will be 5 to 6 in number boat staffs and operators. Below, I am sharing the best houseboats I found while selecting the houseboat for mine.


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Expense of Two days and one night on a Houseboat

Whenever making a tour, expense is the most crucial matter. For visiting Tanguar Haoar, the overall expense will be a maximum of 10,000 Bdt per person. But this amount differs depending on your room selection, personal costs etc. You will get a couple of rooms with attached rooms within 7000 Bdt to 7500 Bdt easily, and for non-attach washrooms, the price may be reduced to 6000 Bdt. If you are a student and planning to make the tour with friends, you may pick the lobby to sleep. In that case, the price of the lobby bed will be within 5000Bdt. In all cases,u will have a nice discount price depending on how early you book the boat. All the mentioned expenses will cover the living cost on the boat and the food cost for the two-day one-night travel. During the tour, you will be visited in various spots where you may have to bear the individual transport flair to reach the spot from the boat and return. While visiting Shimul Bagan, you have to carry the price of tickets. Each ticket cost 60 Taka. In addition, you have to bear the bus fair of arriving from the tour home to Sunamganj and vice versa. The bust fair will be 1600 taka to 2100 taka per person for a round trip to Sunamganj from Dhaka.

How to Reach Up to Boat in Sunamganj

Suppose you start from Dhaka or any other city. In that case, you can easily board a bus to Sunamganj and start for Sunamganj directly. Just getting off the bus, you can reach your boat on foot within 10 minutes; if not the boat authority will arrange transport to the boat from the bus station at their own cost. You can easily buy a ticket for Sunamganj online from SOHOZ or physically from the bus counter. In Dhaka, the bus starts for Sunamganj from the Mohakkhali bus stand and the Saidabad bus stopage. Only two bus companies run their bus directly from Dhaka to Sunamganj: ENA PARIBAHAN and Hanif Paribahan. Ony Ena is having an AC bus for the Sunamganj route. All the other buses are non-AC. It is a matter of regret that there is no direct train route to Sunamganj. You can get a train to Sylhet from Dhaka and get down to Sylhet railway station. You have to come to Sunamganj from the railway station by your own means. You can come hiring a CNG or boarding in public buses.

Spots Covered in the Whole Trip

The whole two-day and one-night trip just does not include underway travel on a houseboat with a magical wetland view. It also includes many other popular tourist spots around the Tanguar Harbor and Sunamganj. The tour package is supposed to cover the bellow mentioned places- 


First Day

  • Watch Tower
  • Niladri Lake
  • Lakhma chora


Second Day

  • Jadukata river
  • Barikka tila
  • Shimul bagan


Foods provided in Houseboat

Indulging in delectable, fresh cuisine aboard a houseboat while exploring the picturesque Tanguar Haor elevates your entire tour to a sublime experience. The houseboats here are committed to delivering top-quality traditional dishes that showcase the rich flavors of the region. Much of the raw ingredients are thoughtfully sourced from local markets, ensuring authenticity in every bite. What truly sets this culinary experience apart is the freshly caught fish from Tanguar Haor, enhancing the traditional food offerings beyond compare. As you savor these mouthwatering dishes while the boat gracefully glides along the serene waters, your taste buds will rejoice, and your journey will become an unforgettable fusion of nature’s beauty and gastronomic delight. The menus may vary slightly depending on the season and your chosen houseboat, but one thing remains constant – a culinary adventure that complements the stunning surroundings of Tanguar Haor.

Food in house boat tanguar haor

My houseboat adventure in Tanguar Haor

Houseboat life in Tanguar Haor is a serene and enchanting experience that my wife and I were fortunate enough to savor during our recent visit to Watch Tower Sunamganj. As we embarked on our journey through the pristine wetlands, a stroke of luck brought gentle rain to bless our adventure. From the cozy confines of our houseboat, we could reach out and feel the soothing touch of raindrops, enhancing the already immersive connection with nature. The breathtaking views surrounding us were a balm for our weary souls, offering visual delight and a profound sense of tranquility. Our houseboat’s interior was thoughtfully designed, providing a comfortable and well-appointed room. The attached washroom was impeccably clean, a welcome touch of luxury in this rustic paradise. The boat’s exterior was aesthetically pleasing, and we often found ourselves relaxing on the rooftop, soaking in the beauty of Tanguar Haor. This houseboat experience truly offered a harmonious blend of comfort and natural wonder, making it a memory we’ll cherish forever.


Review on Visited Places in Tanguar Haor

tanguar haor
Buy tea from floating vendors

Watch Tour

Our houseboat journey led us to this tranquil haven, where the boat gently anchored, granting us access to the heart of this mesmerizing wetland. We hired a small dingy boat to further immerse ourselves in the enchanting surroundings of watch tower, which took us on a serene tour through the lush swamp forest. The rain made us wet with its presence during our dingy tour, adding an extra layer of magic to the experience as if on cue. The sights were a treat for our eyes and a balm for our souls, with nature’s beauty soothing our spirits. A delightful surprise awaited us as we encountered floating boats offering a variety of refreshments, such as tea, chips, and snacks, adding a touch of local flavor to this extraordinary adventure. The Watch Tower Sunamganj in Tanguar Haor is truly a visit worthy place, where nature’s wonders and the warmth of local hospitality come together to create an unforgettable journey.


watch tower sunamganj
Enjoying the swamp forest under the watch tower

Niladri Lake

My wife and I recently got the amazing chance to experience the splendor of Niladri Lake during our trip to the captivating Tanguar Haor. Before disembarking on the riverbank to travel to Niladri Lake, we could take in the magnificent scenery along the Jadukatar River, thanks to our houseboat trip. This tranquil treasure is hidden among gently sloping green hills and offers a genuinely mesmerizing vista that feeds the soul. Niladri Lake’s crystal blue waters, surrounded by lush, verdant hills, gave us an amazing and unique experience. Every traveler should have a burning desire to go there since it is a stunning example of how nature can still be beautiful and unaltered.


niladri lake tanguar hao
Glass water of Niladri Lake wil amaze you

Lakhma Chara

Lakhma Cahra is a small fountain situated near Niladri Lake. After enjoying the view of Niladri Lake, we went to Lakhma Chara in the afternoon. A narrow flow of water and stone is coming from the Lakhma Chora mountain. The hills standing behind the mountain look amazing. We found ourselves too tiny just under the mountain. Both of us wet our legs on the fountain water. We also took photos sitting on the stones, keeping the hills at our back. As it was the last hour of the Day, the sun was just on the way to set. So we didn’t spend too much time there and started back for our boat just beside the Niladri Lake.


Lakhma chara fountain
Mountain surrounded Lakhma Chara

Shimul Bagan

The next day, we started for Shimul Bagan. After reaching the riverside, we went to shore for Shimu Bagan. The distance of the simul bagan from our boat was about 10 minutes walking distance. We had to buy two tickets for us to enter Shimul Bagan. In this season of June to September, Shimul Bagan is just a beautiful green garden of shimul trees without flowers. You may also take a horse ride inside the Shimul Bagan, paying about 50-100 taka per person. I took some lovely photos of my wife and me. We also had some nicely captured couple photos with the help of our boat manager. Overall, it was an amazing experience.


shimul bagan sunamganj
Calm and peaceful Shimul bagan

Safety Tips and Tricks

As it is a tour on water in a boat, extra safety precautions should always be taken throughout the tour, especially if you have females and kids with you. Here are some safety tips and tricks for the tour

1. If you have kids, don’t keep them unattended for a second.

2. Keep your washroom door closed so that your room doesn’t smell stinky due to bad odor coming from the washroom.

3. Never drink any water from the lake or harbor.

4. Use high-quality plastic sandals instead of leather shoes. You can buy plastic sandals from Apex.

5. Keep your mobile sets and other electric device safe. If the devices are not water resistant, then do not take those under rainwater.

6. Carry some basic medicines for cough, diarrhea etc.

7. Don’t forget to carry a small light and torch for emergencies.

8. Take ample clothes for travel and comfortable clothes for sleeping at night.

9. Don’t go on the rooftop alone while the boat is underway.


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